Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels. - Kate Moss

Sunday, January 8


Hello lovelies :)
Yaay.. new follower.. thank you. :)
I've lost another two and a bit pounds, which I'm quite happy with seeing as I've had a mix up with pills and stuff. Oh, it's a nightmare.
Basically, I read about this fat absorber, LipoBind. It's supposed to be like, amazing. So I ordered some and started taking it. It is soooo good for making you feel full when you've only had an apple, I mean, I felt reaaally full.
But it leaves you totally constipated. They say that this can be combated by drinking loads of water, but I already drink waaay more than the average person anyway. :/
So I think I've sorted that out with Laxatives. Ducolax. Freakin' amazing. If you are going to take any, take them or Sennakot Max Strength. In my experiance, they are the most reliable and strongest. :)
I'm experimenting with cooking low calorie yummy things. :) Yesterday, I made some blueberry Bran muffins, which are only 0.3g of fat and 110 calories.. and the muffins are pretty huge :)
I basically adapted a recipie that I found online, but just used sweetener instead of sugar, which knocked off sooo many calories. Just little changes like that brought the calorie content right down.

Update on all things manly: I an majorly confused about the whole D thing. He texts me non-stop which I hate, but I feel rude not texting back. So basically he was with my other close mate A, who said that we would make a 'great couple'. He texted me this.. which was so awkward. What do you say to that? But anyway, I will have to see him at college tomorrow..awkward.
The ex, G, is playing on my mind. He was soooooo hot but such a dick. I just miss the hotness. It sucks. Again, seeing him for the first time in three weeks on monday :/

but I'm waffling on..
Stay skinny lovelies :)
Love Chloe x


  1. Im trying out some "safe" recipes myself(: so far ive only tried cabbage soup wich is actually really good and only 60 calories per serving and a serving is 2 cups! so even tho it makes you feel like your eating alot its a good thing to eat in front of the family so they worry less. If you discover any other yummy secrets i would love to see them posted :3

  2. Well done on the loss! I saw that diet pill and thought about buying it - please tell us if ou get good results because then I might try it :)
    Ducolax it the best in my opinion - never has results as good as that, but the tummy cramps are a killer! Not a fan of senokot though :/
    I love changing recipes to make them low calorie :) bet they tasted great!
    Haha boys are so confusing and lol that is really awkward!
    Lottie x