Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels. - Kate Moss

Wednesday, April 18

I've moved.

Hello lovelies :)

Just to let you know that I've started a new blog:

so join me on there and we can catch up :)

Love you all,

Chloe x

Sunday, January 8


Hello lovelies :)
Yaay.. new follower.. thank you. :)
I've lost another two and a bit pounds, which I'm quite happy with seeing as I've had a mix up with pills and stuff. Oh, it's a nightmare.
Basically, I read about this fat absorber, LipoBind. It's supposed to be like, amazing. So I ordered some and started taking it. It is soooo good for making you feel full when you've only had an apple, I mean, I felt reaaally full.
But it leaves you totally constipated. They say that this can be combated by drinking loads of water, but I already drink waaay more than the average person anyway. :/
So I think I've sorted that out with Laxatives. Ducolax. Freakin' amazing. If you are going to take any, take them or Sennakot Max Strength. In my experiance, they are the most reliable and strongest. :)
I'm experimenting with cooking low calorie yummy things. :) Yesterday, I made some blueberry Bran muffins, which are only 0.3g of fat and 110 calories.. and the muffins are pretty huge :)
I basically adapted a recipie that I found online, but just used sweetener instead of sugar, which knocked off sooo many calories. Just little changes like that brought the calorie content right down.

Update on all things manly: I an majorly confused about the whole D thing. He texts me non-stop which I hate, but I feel rude not texting back. So basically he was with my other close mate A, who said that we would make a 'great couple'. He texted me this.. which was so awkward. What do you say to that? But anyway, I will have to see him at college tomorrow..awkward.
The ex, G, is playing on my mind. He was soooooo hot but such a dick. I just miss the hotness. It sucks. Again, seeing him for the first time in three weeks on monday :/

but I'm waffling on..
Stay skinny lovelies :)
Love Chloe x

Saturday, January 7


Hello lovelies :)
I think I ate a lot today.. but it's pretty healthy.
1 slice of toast with marmite (95)
Drinks (20)
x2 alpen light bars (140)
a kiwi fruit (20)
A chocolate (mum -_-) (50)

Total of; 500 calories.


Thursday, January 5

139 pounds.

I've lost four pounds.. that's a pound a day.. not too bad :)
Not much to say really, ate a bit more today but did an hour of Zumba on the Wii so its not that awful.

Hope everyone is doing well.


Wednesday, January 4


I'm so tired.
just not sleeping at the moment.
calorie intake was better today:
drinks (30)
bread (90)
mac and cheese (290)
cucumber (10)

total= 420 calories.

that's not too bad. im hungry though. it's all in my head.

Tuesday, January 3

I just can't get enough.

This just isn't going well :(
I ate so much today. I'm just sad. Mum is really ill and they don't know whats wrong with her. They think it could be a brain tumour, or the early onset of a stroke. I don't know how I can help her. :/
I'm just eating non stop. I took a lot of laxatives earlier so I'm just waiting for them to take effect. At the moment I'm waiting for some more laxatives and some lipo bind stuff to be delivered, then I will be back on track.
I'm just really low.

Monday, January 2

Well, that sucked.

Hello lovelies :)

Babylon's Burning...tune.
Hope your dieting is going amazing, mine isn't. I failed on the first day. My mum is such a good persuader- thingy. I got up at 1pm (Heavy night.. New Years Eve!) and thought I was going to be healthy. I weighed myself in at 142.6lbs. Ouch. To make some excuses, I am on my period and I haven't had a laxative in God knows how long. Also, I'm still full of alcohol ( as I said it was a heavy night!)
I went downstairs and had scrambled egg (66) on brown bread (70) with some ketchup (18) and some water (0). I was doing so well. Then mum had to come in. Her reasoning was that it's a sunday today so I should really start on monday. And I was so hungover. I just wanted some chips. So I ate. And ate a bit more. Then we had a roast tonight. So some chips and a mince pie and a roast and some chocolate cake. I am crapping myself for weigh in tomorrow.
I got such a weird text from a guy called.. lets say T last night. He's a family friend who I have known since I could walk basically. He's 19. So, I got this text at about half past ten that said;

'What we have is incredible and, when I'm at uni with all those girls all I see is your face!
I'm trying to get this all off my chest before 2012 and I need you to know that I don't care about anyone else but you. I even see your face during my happy times alone and when I'm with other girls. Please think about being with me and we can surely have something special in 2012. I'm probably going to be at the olympics (he does rowing) and I want you to be by my side every step of the way. xxx'

Umm.. what?!
I don't know what to say. I have just never even considered thinking about being anything other than friends with him. I really don't know what to do or say.. we haven't spoken today. There are so many guys on the scene at the minute. Oh, I'm single now by the way! I split up with M, it was too much too fast. I was seeing another guy, G, who was actually AMAZINGLY good looking.. like, the hottest guy I have ever seen in my life. Everyone was so jel. He turned out to be a massive knob though, like the rest of them. Ahh well, I may have taken something of his that he can't exactly get back ;)
Not that I'm a slut or anything, I've just been.. er.. busy :') At the moment I'm sort of seeing this guy called D, and he's lovely :) He is so rich, I went to stay round his house and his bathroom is bigger than my room! It's crazy! But anyway, I went round his and we got very drunk (he has a bar in his room..whoa :P) And we were just sitting on the bed talking. Oh, I forgot to mention he's G's best friend and their families go way back :/ So we were just talking about what a dick G is.. then he was like 'I would never treat someone as amazing as you that way' and then he kissed me. I was in total shock but the alcohol took over. This guy is like, totally screwably hot. So yeah, yanooo.. :P It's fucked my shoulder though, so I can't do the little weights I got for christmas :( So I've been texting him for a while, but he goes to my college with G, so I don't know what the reaction will be when we go back, but I just know shits gonna hit the fan.
Oh, I forgot to say that I'm getting back into Wicca :) I love it, I just feel more at peace with the world when I practice :)
Stay skinny my lovelies! I'm off to read what you've all been up to!
And the weighloss starts for real tomorrow, I'm on it!

Lots of love Chloe xxxx