Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels. - Kate Moss

Friday, June 10

the girl with kalidescope eyes. (is a fat bitch)


Too many calories.

My intake today was beyond ridiculous. Not even funny.

I worked it out at about 1550.


Got on my bike and the running machine and burnt off about 650 calories I'm guessing.

So thats still about 900 calories!

I want to scream.

And.. mother nature has decided to pay me a visit. Joy.

Off to sulk. -_-

Thursday, June 9

lucy at the gym, lucy's always at the gym.

128.6- new lowest weight!

Just figured out that in order to get to my goal, I will have to loose 0.4 lbs per day. That is so doable if i work hard. :)

Today was productive (sarcasm) Have a day off on study leave so just slept the whole day then went on a 6 mile bike ride. :) And my treadmill is fixed! :D

Calories intake today: 550 calories.

Exercise: 750 (biking, walks and treadmill)

So net intake: -250 calories.

Wooop! :)

Going round my nans tomorrow. She makes me eat. A lot. So I guess there will be a LOT of running and biking tomorrow :(

Wish me luck!

Wednesday, June 8

Come on skinny love.

130 exactly :)

So I'm making progress, it's only a pound or two a day, but if I keep this up then I am well on target for my 120lbs by the 1st july goal :)

Had a history and a biology exam today. Ridiculously hard. :( There's this guy, H, who is going out with this girl in my year but she's proper frigid so he doesn't get any, its well sad. Anyway, he keeps coming up to me and being all touchy feely and flirty, it's dead uncomfortable. I reckon he would happily tash on given the chance.. AWKWARD.. :/

So I went for such a long walk around my town today, it was like 10 miles. There was this weird chinease guy that followed me for like, half of the walk. It was dead creepy. I actually thought i was going to die as I was walking through this really deserted part of town.

Went to the library as well. My god, it's cracking for thinspo! There was this young girl working in the library. She was wearing just like a tshirt and skinnies but her body was like, exactly what I'm aiming for, she was sooo skinny! I must have looked like a right perv staring lol!

Anyways, back to more revision!

Stay skinny girlies!

Chloe x

Tuesday, June 7

DIY Thinspo.

Apparently, this is what I will look like at 91lbs according to a weight loss mirror.

Not too bad. :/

Today was kind of productive. My treadmill is broken and I have ocd so I hate working out without knowing exactly how many calories I have burned off.

My intake today was about 650.. then I went for a few walks and did my stomach and arm exercises.

Hopefully better tomorrow :)

Oh, and I had my maths GCSE today, it sucked dick. :/

Stay skinny!

Love Chloe x

Monday, June 6

Let's not mess about here..

Hello lovelies :)

No more messing about, my weight is going down, not up. I have been up at the hospital most of this week, my boyfriend's brother fell off his bike and cracked his skull and has swelling of the brain. He's going to pull through :)

My weight is now 133.5, which is ridiculous. I have to be 120 by july. I will do this.