Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels. - Kate Moss

Wednesday, May 25


Hello lovelies :)

Just a quick one before i go to school!

Basically, I am so happy that even throughout exams I am still able to loose weight!

And I was so weak and had a piece of cake yesterday.. M's birthday :( But 129.8.... woooooo!

Hope everyone is doing really well!

Love Chloe x

Tuesday, May 17

i'm baack :)

hello lovelies :)

Sorry I haven't been blogging for a while, had an episode with depression.

Weight has been a bit mehh. :/

Today I ate..

1 slice of ww toast and marmite (60 cals)

Alpen light bar (70 cals)

1 slice ww toast and egg (130 cals)

sugar free ornage jelly (100 calories)

Minus 250 calories for an hour walk.

Total= 110 calories.

Woo :)

I weigh 134 exactly at the moment.. it's gone up :(

Ahh well, back on track now!

Had two GCSEs today, were both fuck hard! Ahh well.. lie in tomorrow :)

Love you, stay skinny!

Chloe x

Wednesday, May 11


I want to die.
The pain hurts so much.
I want to die.
I can't talk to anyone else, they are all against me.
I almost don't want anyone else to read this, but i have to get it all out.
My body aches with hurt.
Broke up with M today.
Just added to the pain.
There are pills next to my bed.
A bottle of whiskey in my drawer.
A full bottle.
Should I take them?
If yes, then bye my loves, you almost kept me sane.

Tuesday, May 10

End of Art!

Hello lovelies! :)

I don't know if I gained today, I couldn't 'go', so I didn't bother weighing myself. :(

End of my art GCSE today! I think I have got an A* based on everything else! :D

Today's eating was so-so.

Breakfast: Toast and marmite (80cals)

Lunch: An alpen bar and a bit (90 cals)

Dinner: A bagel and eggs (376 cals)

Also, a bit of a doughnut (forced) (10 cals)

Total: 556 calories.


Monday, May 9

Self-control is the quality that distinguishes the fittest to survuive- George Bernard Shaw.

Hello Lovelies!

Hope everyone's weightloss is going okay, mine is not too bad for once!

i took faaaarrrrr too many laxatives last night, and was on the toilet ALL last night. No jokes. it was painful.

But yeah, woke up and weighed myself to find i was 134.4 lbs. Thats not too bad :)

Today was a horrible eating day.

I went to go and see my brand new baby cousin. She is actually adorable! But yeah, my auntie L cooks for a small army. it's ridiculous. I am one of those people that hates to seem ungrateful for what someone has spend time making for me. First, she brought out these little cracker things with houmus and cucumber on them. Tasty but fattening! So I had to have two of them. :(

Then we had lunch. She made me pasta with a cheesy sauce. It was gross and made me feel sick, but i still ate half of it to please her. :/

THEN....I know right!.. we had a mixed fruit pie. I kind of nibbled at it at first, but then realised that everyone was looking at me. So i think I've gained today :(

Ahh well, there's always tomorrow! :)

Love you all, stay strong!

Chloe x

Saturday, May 7


Hello lovelies :)

Well.. today wasn't very productive..

Breakfast: marmite and toast (80-the toast is weightwatchers)

Lunch: Half my normal scrambled eggs on toast (160-mum was watching)

Dinner: half a cereal bowl of pasta and quorn mince (250)

Exercise: 3 mile walk (-250)

So my total calorie intake for today is 240.

wow, maybe it was a bit! :)

I felt like shit this morning.. so I slept until 9 instead of 6.

Went into school.... had scrambled eggs before i went in so popped a couple of laxatives before i went..

Went for a run tonight, got halfway through and felt the laxatives starting to work.. my god i have never ran so fast!

Keep skinny my girls!

Chloe x


oh my gosh i have just stumbled across the most disturbing blog ever. It made me actually want to throw up!

It's like, fatblog or something.. on tips for how to GAIN weight.. it's gross.

Friday, May 6

Every little thing, is gonna be alright.

Hello lovelies :)

Today hasn't been too bad. I went to see a play last night for my english exam, and didn't get back till half 1 :(

In the middle of my art exam at the moment, but the teacher sent me home cos I look 'ill'. Ahh well, sleep!

Calorie intake today..

Breakfast: Toast and marmite (115 calories)

Lunch: Half an Alpen Light bar (30 calories)

Dinner: Scrambled eggs and toast (330 calories)

Total= 470 calories

So not too bad :) I weighed myself just now, and after all that food I'm 137.4 which means I have lost a fair amount of weight :) I am slowly doing better, just need to cut down on dinner calories!

Good luck with the weightloss girls! Look forward to catching up on all your blogs now..

Stay skinny!

Love Chloe x

Wednesday, May 4


That just about sums it up.

I have no idea how I did today.. lets tot it up! -_-

Breakfast: a piece of toast and a teeeeeeny bit of marmite.

a bit of apple juice. (130)

Lunch: Less than a quarter of a bit of bread, some sweetcorn and some lettuce (50)

Dinner: Mum was watching so I had scrambled eggs on unbuttered toast with ketchup. (350)

Snacks: a bite of L's doughnut. (10)

Total= 540 calories.

However, I walk a mile to and from the station to school, and do a lot of walking up and down stairs and around school in general.

I think that takes off about 200 maybe.

So not such a bad day I guess.. I will do better tomorrow though!

Peace out, stay thin girls!

Chloe x

Tuesday, May 3


Wow. I am so ashamed of myself that I couldn't even face posting on here.

I ate a lot.

I can't believe I was 137 just four days ago! I'm now hovering between 140-142 lbs.

Stupid, fat bitch.

So basically, it was all going so well. I was only eating a few hundred calories a day. Loosing a lot.

Then my fucking boyfriend came round.

He makes me eat. He told my mum I'm not eating. She made me it. it was tragic. I can't believe he would betray me like that and THEN stuff me until I felt sick.

I haven't even done any exercise since friday.

Right, as of tomorrow I am not eating.

That's final.